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Giving Good Weight pdf books
Title:Giving Good Weight
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:288

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The Second John McPhee Reader (John McPhee Reader, #2)

The Second John McPhee Reader John McPhee Reader

This second volume of i The John McPhee Reader i includes material from his eleven books published since including i Coming into the Country Looking for a Ship The Control of Nature i and the four books on geology that comprise i Annals of the Former World i

Rising from the Plains

Rising from the Plains

i This is about high country geology and a Rocky Mountain regional geologist I raise that semaphore here at the start so no one will feel misled by an opening passage in which a slim young woman who is not in any sense a geologist steps down from a train in Rawlins Wyoming in order to go north by stagecoach into country that was still very much the Old West i br br So begins John McPhee s i Rising from the Plains i If you like to read about geology you will find good reading here If on the other hand you are not much engaged by the spatial complexities of the science you could miss a richness of human history that has its place among the strata described Sometimes it is said of geologists that they reflect in their professional styles the sort of country in which they grew up Nowhere could that be more true than in the life of a geologist born in the center of Wyoming and raised on an isolated ranch This is the story of that ranch soon after the turn of the century and of the geologist who grew up there at home with the composition of the high country in the way that someone growing up in a coastal harbor would be at home with the vagaries of the sea While i Rising from the Plains i is a portrayal of extraordinary people it is also a history of the landscape around them where with remarkable rapidity mountains came up out of the flat terrain Gradually the mountains were buried until only the higher peaks remained above a vast plain Recently they have been exhumed and they stand now as the Rockies br br i Rising from the Plains i is John McPhee s third book on geology and geologists Following i Basin and Range i and i In Suspect Terrain i it continues to present a cross section of North America along the fortieth parallel a series gathering under the overall title i Annals of the Former World i br br i Description from the first edition dust jacket i



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You people come into the market the Greenmarket in the open air under the down pouring sun and you slit the tomatoes with your fingernails With your thumbs you excavate the cheese You choose your stringbeans one at a time You pulp the nectarines and rape the sweet corn You are something wonderful you are people of the city and we who are almost without exception strangers here are as absorbed with you as you seem to be with the numbers on our hanging scales So opens the title piece in this collection of John McPhee s classic essays grouped here with four others including Brigade de Cuisine a profile of an artistic and extraordinary chef The Keel of Lake Dickey in which a journey down the whitewater of a wild river ends in the shadow of a huge projected dam a report on plans for the construction of nuclear power plants that would float in the ocean and a pinball shoot out between two prizewinning journalists Giving Good Weight books by John McPhee

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