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Title:Coming into the Country
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La Place de la Concorde Suisse

La Place de la Concorde Suisse

i La Place de la Concorde Suisse i is John McPhee s rich journalistic study of the Swiss Army s role in Swiss society The Swiss Army is so quietly efficient at the art of war that the Isrealis carefully patterned their own military on the Swiss model

Giving Good Weight

Giving Good Weight

You people come into the market the Greenmarket in the open air under the down pouring sun and you slit the tomatoes with your fingernails With your thumbs you excavate the cheese You choose your stringbeans one at a time You pulp the nectarines and rape the sweet corn You are something wonderful you are people of the city and we who are almost without exception strangers here are as absorbed with you as you seem to be with the numbers on our hanging scales So opens the title piece in this collection of John McPhee s classic essays grouped here with four others including Brigade de Cuisine a profile of an artistic and extraordinary chef The Keel of Lake Dickey in which a journey down the whitewater of a wild river ends in the shadow of a huge projected dam a report on plans for the construction of nuclear power plants that would float in the ocean and a pinball shoot out between two prizewinning journalists

The Second John McPhee Reader (John McPhee Reader, #2)

The Second John McPhee Reader John McPhee Reader

This second volume of i The John McPhee Reader i includes material from his eleven books published since including i Coming into the Country Looking for a Ship The Control of Nature i and the four books on geology that comprise i Annals of the Former World i

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This is the story of Alaska and the Alaskans Written with a vividness and clarity which shifts scenes frequently and yet manages to tie the work into a rewarding whole McPhee segues from the wilderness to life in urban Alaska to the remote bush country Coming into the Country books by John McPhee

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