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¡Menudo reparto! (Otra vuelta de tuerca) pdf books
Title:¡Menudo reparto! (Otra vuelta de tuerca)
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The Rotters' Club

The Rotters Club

Birmingham England c industrial strikes bad pop music corrosive class warfare adolescent angst IRA bombings Four friends a class clown who stoops very low for a laugh a confused artist enthralled by guitar rock an earnest radical with socialist leanings and a quiet dreamer obsessed with poetry God and the prettiest girl in school As the world appears to self destruct around them they hold together to navigate the choppy waters of a decidedly ambiguous decade

The House of Sleep

The House of Sleep

Like a surreal and highly caffeinated version of i The Big Chill i Jonathan Coe s new novel follows four students who knew each other in college in the eighties Sarah is a narcoleptic who has dreams so vivid she mistakes them for real events Robert has his life changed forever by the misunderstandings that arise from her condition Terry spends his wakeful nights fueling his obsession with movies And an increasingly unstable doctor Gregory sees sleep as a life shortening disease which he must eradicate br br But after ten years of fretful slumber and dreams gone bad the four reunite in their college town to confront their disorders In a Gothic cliffside manor being used as a clinic for sleep disorders they discover that neither love nor lunacy nor obsession ever rests br br

The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim

The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim

Maxwell Sim seems to have hit rock bottom Estranged from his father newly divorced unable to communicate with his only daughter he realizes that while he may have seventy four friends on Facebook there is nobody in the world with whom he can actually share his problems Then a business proposition comes his way a strange exercise in corporate PR that will require him to spend a week driving from London to a remote retail outlet on the Shetland Isles Setting out with an open mind good intentions and a friendly voice on his SatNav for company Maxwell finds that this journey soon takes a more serious turn and carries him not only to the furthest point of the United Kingdom but into some of the deepest and darkest corners of his own past In his sparkling and hugely enjoyable new book Jonathan Coe reinvents the picaresque novel for our time

The Closed Circle (Rotters' Club, #2)

The Closed Circle Rotters Club

The characters of i The Rotters Club i Jonathan Coe s beloved novel of adolescent life in the s have bartered their innocence for the vengeance of middle age in this incisive portrait of Cool Britannia at the millennium

Number 11


This is a novel about the hundreds of tiny connections between the public and private worlds and how they affect us all br br It s about the legacy of war and the end of innocence br br It s about how comedy and politics are battling it out and comedy might have won br br It s about how characters can make fools of us all br br It s about living in a city where bankers need cinemas in their basements and others need food banks down the street br br It is Jonathan Coe doing what he does best showing us how we live now

Expo 58


London unassuming civil servant Thomas Foley is plucked from his desk at the Central Office of Information and sent on a six month trip to Brussels His task to keep an eye on The Brittania a brand new pub which will form the heart of the British presence at Expo the biggest World s Fair of the century and the first to be held since the Second World War br br As soon as he arrives at the site Thomas feels that he has escaped a repressed backward looking country and fallen headlong into an era of modernity and optimism He is equally bewitched by the surreal gigantic Atomium which stands at the heart of this brave new world and by Anneke the lovely Flemish hostess who meets him off his plane But Thomas s new found sense of freedom comes at a price the Cold War is at its height the mischievous Belgians have placed the American and Soviet pavilions right next to each other and why is he being followed everywhere by two mysterious emissaries of the British Secret Service Expo may represent a glittering future both for Europe and for Thomas himself but he will soon be forced to decide where his public and private loyaties really lie

The Accidental Woman

The Accidental Woman

Indifferent by choice indecisive by nature Maria ploughs her way through fifteen years of womanhood unable to see what all the fuss is about Will she ever be able to direct the course of her own life or will it end as it began accidentally Jonathan Coe s first novel which introduced a wonderful new talent to English fiction

A Touch Of Love

A Touch Of Love

Robin once had promise Now he has an unfinished thesis in his drawer Hidden away in his room in Coventry he writes a sequence of short stories in four notebooks each an oblique commentary on his circumstances Then a comical misunderstanding in a public park lands him in serious trouble

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Verano de Inglaterra est al borde de una guerra contra Sadam Husein y Michael Owen un joven escritor sin blanca recibe el encargo de la anciana Tabitha Win shaw de escribir la biograf a de su rica familia y llegar al fondo del posible asesinato de su hermano Godfrey fa llecido seg n ella a manos de uno de sus parientes Es as como Owen conoce a la familia Winshaw Thomas magnate del cine y voyeur Dorothy fabricante de comi da basura Mark traficante de armas y amigo de Sadam Husein Hilary una columnista absolutamente ignoran te o Henry visionario del libre mercado Menudo re parto es un retrato cruel y despiadado de aquellos que mandan en la Inglaterra de hoy banqueros industriales pol ticos traficantes de armas y barones de los medios de comunicaci n engendrados en la org a de saqueo econ mico que fue la d cada de los ochenta Una nove la de detectives un libro de denuncia un relato g tico y una mirada cida sobre los hijos de la poca thatcheria na Adem s la presente edici n incluye un pr logo de Kiko Amat ¡Menudo reparto! (Otra vuelta de tuerca) books by Jonathan Coe, Javier Lacruz Pardo, Kiko Amat Romeu

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