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Fair Shared Cities: The Impact of Gender Planning in Europe pdf books
Title:Fair Shared Cities: The Impact of Gender Planning in Europe
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:360

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Birthing from Within: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation

Birthing from Within An Extra Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation

Here is a holistic approach to childbirth that examines this profound rite of passage not as a medical event but as an act of self discovery Exercises and activities such as journal writing meditation and painting will help mothers analyze their thoughts and face their fears during pregnancy For use during birth the book offers proven techniques for coping with labor pain without drugs a discussion of the doctor or midwife s role and a look at the father s responsibilities Childbirth education should also include what to expect after the baby is born Here are baby basics such as how to bathe a newborn how to get the little one to sleep and tips for getting nursing off to a good start Pregnancy birth and postpartum is a process of continuous learning and adjustment i Birthing From Within i provides the necessary support and education to make each phase of birthing a rewarding experience br

HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method

HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method

Childbirth is not something to be feared it is a natural expression of life With i HypnoBirthing i your pregnancy and childbirth will become the gentle life affirming process it was meant to be br In this easy to understand guide i HypnoBirthing i founder i Marie F Mongan i explodes the myth of pain as a natural accompaniment to birth She proves through sound medical information that it is not our bodies but our culture that has made childbirth a moment of anguish and that when we release the fear of birth a fear that is keeping our bodies tense and closed we will also release the pain br i HypnoBirthing i is nature not manipulation It relaxes the mind in order to let the body work as it is designed The i HypnoBirthing i exercises positive thinking relaxation visualization breathing and physical preparation will lead to a happy and comfortable pregnancy even if you are currently unsure of an intervention free birth Your confidence trust and happy anticipation will in turn lead to the peaceful fulfilling and bonding birth that is your right as a mother br More than happy couples have had their lives changed for the better by i HypnoBirthing i br More than news organizations including Good Morning America The Today Show Dateline The Richard amp Judy Show Time Newsweek Parenting and Better Homes amp Gardens have joined the movement for better birthing br Why is i HypnoBirthing i changing the way the world gives birth That s simple Because it works

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way

The classic guide to an unmedicated childbirth fully revised in for the twenty first century with updated information and attractive new illustrations and photos throughout For women birthing vaginally of Bradley births are drug free br br The Bradley Method used and praised by women for almost seventy years prepares you for drug and surgery free childbirth and puts you in control by providing the tools to navigate evidence based care Certified childbirth educator Susan McCutcheon one of Dr Bradley s first students now makes this natural approach to childbirth more accessible than ever You will learn br br Exercises and nutrition to get your body ready for birthing br To defuse fear by understanding all aspects of laboring br How to involve your partner as a birth coach and a fully engaged participant br What s driving the induction epidemic and how to avoid an unnecessary induction br What s driving the cesarean surgery epidemic and how to reduce your risk br How to get the information you need to make informed decisions about your birth

A Thousand Splendid Suns

A Thousand Splendid Suns

i A Thousand Splendid Suns i is a breathtaking story set against the volatile events of Afghanistan s last thirty years from the Soviet invasion to the reign of the Taliban to post Taliban rebuilding that puts the violence fear hope and faith of this country in intimate human terms It is a tale of two generations of characters brought jarringly together by the tragic sweep of war where personal lives the struggle to survive raise a family find happiness are inextricable from the history playing out around them br br Propelled by the same storytelling instinct that made i The Kite Runner i a beloved classic i A Thousand Splendid Suns i is at once a remarkable chronicle of three decades of Afghan history and a deeply moving account of family and friendship It is a striking heart wrenching novel of an unforgiving time an unlikely friendship and an indestructible love a stunning accomplishment

Cartas a Lucílio

Cartas a Luc lio

As cartas de S neca a Luc lio Epistolae morales ad Lucilium s o consideradas a grande obra prima do fil sofo latino Aprendendo a viver uma sele o de textos desses que S neca redigiu nos seus anos finais entre d C e d C e apresenta uma s ntese dos princ pios de sabedoria virtude e liberdade que o pensador perseguiu em vida br br Influenciado pela escola est ica e tamb m pelos ideais epicuristas S neca refletiu sobre as mais profundas contradi es da condi o humana questionamentos universais que acompanham a sociedade desde o in cio da Era Crist at a atualidade Sua filosofia aborda a busca da felicidade o medo da morte as desilus es a amizade e levanta uma das principais quest es dos nossos dias como conjugar qualidade de vida e tempo escasso Leitores do s culo XXI ser o surpreendidos por li es como A dura o de minha vida n o depende de mim O que depende que n o percorra de forma pouco nobre as fases dessa vida devo govern la e n o por ela ser levado O defeito maior da vida ela n o ter nada de comple to e acabado e o fato de sempre deixarmos algo para depois Ou ainda N o deixemos nada para mais tarde Acertemos nossas contas com a vida dia ap s dia br br As cartas de S neca fazem parte de uma longa tradi o do g nero epistolar e se distinguem das cartas comuns por n o se destinarem comunica o de natureza pessoal ou familiar aproximando se mais da cr nica hist rica comum ao g nero a presen a de um interlocutor para desenvolver a filosofia por meio do di logo No caso de Luc lio n o h confirma o de que ele tenha existido

Me Talk Pretty One Day

Me Talk Pretty One Day

David Sedaris move to Paris from New York inspired these hilarious pieces including the title essay about his attempts to learn French from a sadistic teacher who declares that every day spent with you is like having a caesarean section His family is another inspiration You Can t Kill the Rooster is a portrait of his brother who talks incessant hip hop slang to his bewildered father And no one hones a finer fury in response to such modern annoyances as restaurant meals presented in ludicrous towers of food and cashiers with six inch fingernails

Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil

A revelation shared between two privileged teenagers from very different backgrounds sets off a chain of events with devastating consequences br br On the surface Niru leads a charmed life Raised by two attentive parents in Washington D C he s a top student and a track star at his prestigious private high school Bound for Harvard in the fall his prospects are bright But Niru has a painful secret he is queer an abominable sin to his conservative Nigerian parents No one knows except Meredith his best friend the daughter of prominent Washington insiders and the one person who seems not to judge him br br When his father accidentally discovers Niru is gay the fallout is brutal and swift Coping with troubles of her own however Meredith finds that she has little left emotionally to offer him As the two friends struggle to reconcile their desires against the expectations and institutions that seek to define them they find themselves speeding toward a future more violent and senseless than they can imagine Neither will escape unscathed



Abe Ravelstein is a brilliant professor at a prominent midwestern university and a man who glories in training the movers and shakers of the political world He has lived grandly and ferociously and much beyond his means His close friend Chick has suggested that he put forth a book of his convictions about the ideas which sustain humankind or kill it and much to Ravelstein s own surprise he does and becomes a millionaire Ravelstein suggests in turn that Chick write a memoir or a life of him and during the course of a celebratory trip to Paris the two share thoughts on mortality philosophy and history loves and friends old and new and vaudeville routines from the remote past The mood turns more somber once they have returned to the Midwest and Ravelstein succumbs to AIDS and Chick himself nearly dies br br Deeply insightful and always moving Saul Bellow s new novel is a journey through love and memory It is brave dark and bleakly funny an elegy to friendship and to lives well or badly lived

Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Storms

Mostly Sunny with a Chance of Storms

b Sunny Hathaway introvert entrepreneur inventor poet dog lover and lateral thinker has a lot on her plate She s moving to a new house dealing with step siblings and starting a dog entertainment business too b br br Sunny and her expertly blended thoroughly modern family are moving into her grandmother s old mansion Windermere Sunny wins the turret bedroom from her step siblings using her powers of reverse psychology but is soon tangled up in mischief involving bored dogs a cranky old gardener an angel sighting a match making mission and a boy who knits To make matters worse over at her dad s house Sunny s baby half sister Flora has turned the world upside down and Steph can t seem to find a way to turn it right side up again Even with a sunny disposition storm clouds can gather on the horizon and this winter Sunny must find ways to offer warmth and shelter to those she cares for most

Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

Start with one quiet perfect life br br Add Mum s new boyfriend his two kids one best friend with a big crush one sworn enemy and a long lost grandmother br br Flavor with a dash of laughter a pinch of jealousy and plenty of secrets br Cook on high all summer long br br Eleven year old Sunny short for Sunday is an only child an introvert a dog lover and part owner of Pizza a Go Girl She and her mum live near the beach in Australia Good thing because this summer is one long heat wave But the temperature isn t the only thing that s making Sunny hot her perfect life is about to change in a million ways br br Marion Roberts has worked as a chef and taught people how to cook but started writing because she wanted a job she could do in her pajamas i Sunny Side Up i is her first novel She lives in Melbourne Australia

Living in a Man-Made World: Gender Assumptions in Modern Housing Design

Living in a Man Made World Gender Assumptions in Modern Housing Design

According to this study many of the ills of the contemporary environment can be traced to male assumptions about what constitutes good design The author examines the ways in which these and other gender assumptions have affected housing design and their subsequent impact on women

Approaching Urban Design: The Design Process

Approaching Urban Design The Design Process

This companion to Introducing Urban Design Interventions and Responses shows how the principles and concepts of urban design can be applied and implemented in a range of real world settings

Introducing Urban Design: Interventions And Responses

Introducing Urban Design Interventions And Responses

i Introducing Urban Design Interventions and Responses i is a new departure in the town planning series under the editorship of Clara Greed The dynamic new subject and profession of urban design straddles the fields of town planning architecture landscape architecture and transport planning This book recognises that a key feature of modern urban design practice is the ability to integrate a concern with the visual and aesthetic aspects of urban form with a strong social awareness of the need of user groups plus a sensitivity to wider environmental and sustainability issues In this it continues the themes already introduced in earlier volumes such as the changing nature of the profession social problems and the means of implementing policy br br Written by a team of eminent urban designers architects and planners under the joint editorship of Clara Greed and Marion Roberts the book introduces the reader to the subject through a discussion of current issues approaches and user responses br br i Introducing Urban Design Interventions and Responses i is an ideal resource for undergraduate courses in town planning architecture landscape architecture estate management and housing studies It is also suitable as an introductory text for first year diploma and masters programmes in urban design and suitable for RTPI RICS CIOH CIOB ASI ISVA and RIBA courses and will be of interest to professional practioners in the urban design field br br br

Planning the Night-Time City

Planning the Night Time City

The night time economy represents a particular challenge for planners and town centre managers In the context of liberalised licensing and a growing culture around the hour city the desire to foster economic growth and to achieve urban regeneration has been set on a collision course with the need to maintain social order Roberts and Eldridge draw on extensive case study research undertaken in the UK and internationally to explain how changing approaches to evening and night time activities have been conceptualised in planning practice The first to synthesise recent debates on law health planning and policy this research considers how these dialogues impact upon the design management development and the experience of the night time city This is incisive and highly topical reading for postgraduates academics and reflective practitioners in Planning Urban Design and Urban Regeneration

Rediscovering mixed-use streets: The contribution of local high streets to sustainable communities

Rediscovering mixed use streets The contribution of local high streets to sustainable communities

Local urban high streets have frequently suffered from neglect in comparison to town centres and out of town retail Yet they have the potential to meet contemporary policy aspirations with regard to sustainability social inclusion and place making Rediscovering mixed use streets is the first in depth investigation of local mixed use high streets Drawing on case studies in three different locations in England the report provides a wealth of data and findings produced from a variety of sources both quantitative and qualitative In particular the report offers a comprehensive view of local high streets from the point of view of transport local residents visitors businesses and practitioners provides a series of suggestions for their improvement and demonstrates how local high streets belong to future sustainable communities Providing a significant contribution to current interest in mobility urban design and social inclusion the findings have particular relevance for Sustainable Communities Cleaner Safer Greener and Place Matters policies The study will be of interest to policy makers and practitioners involved in the making and managing of streets and those with an interest in regeneration

Fair Shared Cities: The Impact of Gender Planning in Europe - PDF | ePUB | PDB | Audio books | Kindle
Bringing together a diverse team of leading scholars and professionals this book offers a variety of insights into ongoing gender mainstreaming policies in Europe with a focus on urban spatial planning Gender mainstreaming was first legislated for in the European Union with the Treaty of Amsterdam in and although many interesting developments have occurred throughout the decade that followed there is still much to do in terms of policy knowledge production dissemination and education This work contributes to all three objectives by advancing the state of knowledge as well as providing educational and professional tools in the field of gender sensitive planning in Europe The volume begins by explaining the concept of gender mainstreaming in relation to its origins in the second wave of the women s movement and critiques of planning architecture transport planning and other built environment disciplines It then provides a brief history of how gender mainstreaming was incorporated into European law before focussing on the theoretical issues and questions that surround the concept of gender mainstreaming as they relate to urban space and the planning of cities and regions including a discussion of the persistence of inequalities between the sexes in their access to urban space and services In particular the division between waged and unwaged work and its impact on the social construction of gender and of the physical built environment is considered The differences between definitions of feminism and their implications for action in planning and design are also explored paying regard to the tensions between a feminist vision of a transformation of gender relations and the requirements of gender mainstreaming to accommodate the different needs of women and men in their everyday lives in urban space Throughout the book key issues recur such as the importance of time and space in the experience of urbanism resistances to change on the part of institutions and social structures and the importance of networks Education and training also appear as common themes as do citizen participation and the structures of governance The chapters are organised into four sections concepts structures empowerment and spatial quality Contributors demonstrate a variety of approaches to the intersections of gender women cities and planning dealing with substantive and procedural issues in planning at both local and regional scales They stress the links between environmental sustainability and gender sensitive urban development The book concludes by putting forward an outlook for future action Fair Shared Cities: The Impact of Gender Planning in Europe books by Marion Roberts, Ines Sanchez De Madariaga

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